Windboards are newly avalible in the sports equipment rental at the Lipno Lake.
You can rent our board with a sail here, and test it at the spot.
The rental is situated directly at the bank of Slapy Lake, one of the best spots in our country.
We recommend you to book the board at the rental operator in advance.

New fins

We have finished a development of new advanced fins. They are made form hardened steel, so they are very hard and durable.
They have a new shape, higher radius and lenght. They offer more riding stability and great spinout ressistance.
We offer the fins at three different sizes for riding in various snow conditions.
We have also made a new mounting assembly, which allows fins to simple change.
All our new windboards are supplied with the new fins.
If you allready have a windboard, you can upgrade it easily buying the set of new fins with assembly.

Test days

Come to try windboarding:
For this season, we plan to perform several test days. SWIFT windboards with N/S rigs will be availible for test riding for free.
The dates will be specified based on the weather conditions.

A new model for sale

A new model of windboard with longer standing deck is already availible.
The standing deck with two footstraps is 67 cm long and it offers more space for feet changes during turns.
Another news is a redesigned fin with optimalized blade profile and hard eloxed surface.

Nordic skates

We just have offered new products: the Nordic Skates and Ice Claws. Nordic skates are intended for skating on the natural ice of frozen bodies of water such as ponds, lakes or dams and also on rivers. The main advantage of Nordic skates is their long glide, which permits travelling long distances using relatively little effort, and their greater speed, as compared to hockey skates. The blade profile is also adapted for comfortably overcoming any ice bumps or a thin snow layer.